Bird Music – Indie Mixtape

31 03 2011

RT Hummingbird - Luke Tiller

I have been messing around with the playlists function on youtube and have finally nailed what I think is a pretty decent indie/alternative bird related music setlist. Hope you enjoy it:

Track List: 1/ Eels – Little Bird 2/ Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds 3/ Iron and Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth 4/ The Bird and the Bee – Please Don’t Stop the Music 5/ Goldfrapp – Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix) 6/ Catbird – Yellow Moon 7/ Sun Kil Moon – Heron Blue 8/ Electrelane – Birds 9/ Foals – Hummer 10/ The Decemberists – Crane Wife Three 11/ De Rosa – Robin Song 12/ TV On the Radio – Owl and Stork 13/ Fleet Foxes – Meadowlarks 14/ The Tallest Man on Earth – Where do my Bluebirds Fly? 15/ Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Bird Music – Eels – Little Bird

14 10 2010

Here’s another bird music gem as sent to me many moons ago by a regular on my bird walks Wendy Knothe. Anyone else got any bird themed music tunes they want to recommend?

Bird Music: The Bird and the Bee – Don’t stop the music

22 09 2010

A Rhianna cover of all things and not one of her finer moments either!

Bird Music: Electrelane – Birds

17 09 2010

A highly underrated band my brother turned me on to, and a nice fit with my bird music playlist.

Bird Music: Sun Kil Moon – Heron Blue

17 09 2010

Another bird music classic from Sun Kil Moon. The kickoff bird music playlist here. Click the bird music tab below for more tunes!

Bird Music: Goldfrapp – Little Bird AC remix

14 09 2010

Another gem from the bird music game. Goldfrapp and Animal Collective on one track – all good!

Black Swan Green – Waxwing

1 07 2009
Black Swan Green - The Ruin Gaze

Black Swan Green - The Ruin Gaze

Toni sent me this great track which fits very nicely with my theme of bird related music. See links to my other posts here. BSG are a cool new band out of Brooklyn that have that classic indie rock, shoegazing sound. You can listen to the track here (just press play on the track under the photo). You can also hear snatches of other tracks and buy their album at CDBaby the home of independently produced records.

On a similar note, my brother also turned me on to the Fleet Foxes fairly recently. Great band, and I was thrilled to find they had a nice little bird related track on their debut album Meadowlarks. Seems like they get a lot of comparrison to Crosby Stills and the Beach Boys. Anyway cool music and nice to see Sub Pop records keep on digging up some great bands (CSS, Band of Horses etc). As a kid back in the UK I was a huge fan of Sub Pop, with the likes of Dinosaur Jr.,  Afghan Whigs, Mudhoney and of course Nirvana were all essential parts of my mis-spent youth. The record labels bands and records were also an essential part of the musical accompaniement to many a great night spent at ‘The Venue’ in New Cross in London- happy days!

Poetry in Motion

30 04 2009
Osprey - AJ Hand

Osprey - AJ Hand

Finally getting my brain back into gear after an amazing tour of Colorado. So many highlight moments to enjoy including standing knee deep in snow looking for Williamson’s Sapsucker, rounding up all three Rosy Finches and even getting to hold a few in my hand, Boreal Owl tooting from a mountain pass at midnight, lekking Greater Prairie-chickens surrounding our car on a ranch in Wray and maybe best of all a sunset encounter with my first Moose and a Golden Eagle perched above it as we swept across the plains of Northern Colorado. This week I’ll be putting together the numerous stories from the trip and posting a report here. Details on next years tour can be found here.

Whilst I work on the report I thought I’d share this little poem that my mother sent me from the RSPB site. We have covered bird art, photography and music so lets throw a little prose into the mix. In his final month as poet laureate Andrew Motion (clever post title huh!) has contributed the linked piece to the RSPB ‘Moments’ campaign (poem here). Whilst on the subject of Ospreys, here is a little piece I put together for Windcheck Magazine The artwork for the piece (and above) is provided by my good friend AJ Hand – if you haven’t done so already check out his photography on the Friends of Sherwood Island State Park site in the links.

Bird Ditties

10 04 2009

Twilight - movie soundtrack

Twilight - movie soundtrack

In keeping with my posts on  bird related music, here are a couple of bird themed tunes that I picked up on recently. Firstly Scottish band De Rosa and their track Robin Song Another goody from the Twilight soundtrack is Iron & Wine’s Flightless Bird (I could have gone for their Love Song of the Buzzard as well I guess). I must admit that I actually quite enjoyed the movie (it was free on the flight back from the UK – that’s my excuse anyway) but then again I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for terrible teen movies ever since I was one, and deciding that  The Breakfast Club was the greatest movie ever made. I guess teen angst TV and movies are my guilty pleasure – I’m sure I’ll grow out of it some day!

Birds and Rock and Roll

19 03 2009


Seeing as the Conan video makes most birders look a bit dull and humorless, here’s a little more glamor: First a cool article about the links between musicians and birds/birdwatching from the Guardian Newspaper in the UK  (here).  The article has a bit of an UK indie music slant. The above video is for the Guillemots who I must say I kind of like. Easy to see their birding influences right there in the name. Also check out British Sea Power’s No Lucifer (here) another set of apparently avowed birders.