Bird Music : Besnard Lakes – Albatross

20 04 2011

Whilst plugging my latest bird related mixtape on Facebook my old friend Alex (he’s not old, our friendship is – just to make that clear) from London piped up with a couple of tunes. He has a pretty wide and eclectic taste in music but he certainly mentioned a couple of little gems, including this rather nice tune from Besnard Lakes. I guess I could have used the Fleetwood Mac track of the same name, but to be honest I’m with the Reynolds Girls (obscure 80’s British pop music reference) when it comes to Mick’s boys!

Bird Music: Indie Mixtape 2

15 04 2011
Hummer – Luke Tiller

Another day another bird inspired music mixtape. What about the first track you are wondering? ROBIN Gibb – get it! Kinda cheating I guess 😉 Anyway check out the new youtube playlist here. For some reason this won’t seem to link and play automatically so you’ll have to hit play all.

1/ Bee Gees (Robin Gibb) – I started a joke 2/ McDonald and Giles – Flight of the ibis 3/ Devendra Banhart – Wake up little sparrow 4/ Neko Case – Maybe sparrow 5/ Belle and Sebastian – I’m a cuckoo, 6/ Islands – Creeper 7/ Born Ruffians – Hummingbird 8/ Dodos – Black night 9/ Buffalo Tom – Birdbrain 10/ Giant Drag – Swan Song 11/ Sleeper – Swallow 12/ Doves – Black and white town 13/ Caribou – Brahminy Kite 14/ Birds and Batteries – Lightning 15/ Thom Yorke – Black Swan 16/ Swans – Love will tear us apart (hard drums version)

Bird Music: The Dodos – Black Night

13 04 2011

One of the latest bird related records that I stumbled upon (and the first band I have stumbled upon named after an extinct one): The Dodos. Cool psych or indie folk and they just stuck out a new album No Color. An entertaining video too. Hope you enjoy.

Bird Music – Indie Mixtape

31 03 2011

RT Hummingbird - Luke Tiller

I have been messing around with the playlists function on youtube and have finally nailed what I think is a pretty decent indie/alternative bird related music setlist. Hope you enjoy it:

Track List: 1/ Eels – Little Bird 2/ Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds 3/ Iron and Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth 4/ The Bird and the Bee – Please Don’t Stop the Music 5/ Goldfrapp – Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix) 6/ Catbird – Yellow Moon 7/ Sun Kil Moon – Heron Blue 8/ Electrelane – Birds 9/ Foals – Hummer 10/ The Decemberists – Crane Wife Three 11/ De Rosa – Robin Song 12/ TV On the Radio – Owl and Stork 13/ Fleet Foxes – Meadowlarks 14/ The Tallest Man on Earth – Where do my Bluebirds Fly? 15/ Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Bird Music – Eels – Little Bird

14 10 2010

Here’s another bird music gem as sent to me many moons ago by a regular on my bird walks Wendy Knothe. Anyone else got any bird themed music tunes they want to recommend?

Bird Music: The Bird and the Bee – Don’t stop the music

22 09 2010

A Rhianna cover of all things and not one of her finer moments either!

Bird Music: Electrelane – Birds

17 09 2010

A highly underrated band my brother turned me on to, and a nice fit with my bird music playlist.