Best Birdwatching Scene in a Movie – ever!

8 10 2010


The Great Escape


In fact maybe the only Birdwatching scene in a movie? The boys of Stalag Luft III bone up on Masked Shrike identification! From The Great Escape – 4:05 in (here)

Nocturnal Migrants

22 09 2010

As part of a talk on nocturnal migration at Audubon Greenwich which I did with Benjamin Van Doren, I recorded a few handheld digiscoped moonwatching videos. A couple of the better ones (relatively speaking) are now up on youtube. Not great but kind of fun. I think there are 5 or 6 birds in the first video – try and spot them all. Most of the cool links stuff that we mentioned in the talk are now on Ben’s Blog (click here). Some of his sound recordings of nocturnal migrants from Audubon Greenwich will be up in a day or two.

Snow Goose…in May?

16 05 2010

Nothing says mid-May birding less to me than a Snow Goose, but that’s what we got on our weekend Sunrise Birding extravaganza to New York State. One of many highlights – some a little more expected including: 25 species of Warbler including 2x Mourning, Bay-breasted, Tennessee, killer Blackburnian views, more Hoodeds than you could shake a stick at, Golden-wingeds and ‘Brewsters’ as well as 2x American Bittern, Virginia Rail, 3x Upland Sandpiper, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Orchard Orioles aplenty, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, 6 White-crowned Sparrow all on the same square yard of road, Lincoln’s Sparrow etc – oh and obviously Snow Goose. Trip report and species list to come.

‘Booming’ Bittern!

16 05 2010

Just one of the highlights from a wonderful weekends birding in NY State with Sunrise Birding. Is there anything more magical than a calling American Bittern at dusk? One of two seen exceptionally well on the trip. A little shaky hand held to the scope – still could be worse. More to follow from the trip soon!

More Bird Comedy

10 04 2010

From the “That Mitchell and Webb Sound”.

Birds Attack

8 04 2010

It seems that unexpectedly, like many backyard birds, Pelicans seem to go for nuts too! Click here for video.

Bird Comedy!

11 03 2010

There’s never much around in the world of comedy relating to birds, so it’s always nice to dig something out bird related that makes me chuckle. For those that don’t know the League of Gentlemen it’s a British comedy show that has one character that is a rather luckless vet – Mr Chinnery. The sketch is also a nod to a great British movie called Kes about a young working class boy and his pet Eurasian Kestrel. The movie is absolutely fantastic equal parts charming, moving and hilariously funny with many classic scenes that will ring true – especially for anyone who has ever suffered an oafish gym teacher.