Bird Music: Birdy – Skinny Love

29 06 2011

15 year old British vocalist Birdy’s cover version of the awesome Bon Iver track Skinny Love.

Bird Music: The Wooden Birds – Struck by Lightning

19 06 2011

Another cracking bird related track. The Wooden Birds are fronted by Andrew Kenny, frontman of a longtime favorite band: American Analog Set. Their latest album ‘Two Matchsticks’ came out recently and from what I have heard so far it sounds like a winner.

Bird Music: Bowerbirds – In our talons

6 06 2011

Part of the ‘freak folk’ music scene. Discovered this band through the Ariel Pinks. Another track fit for my bird related music iPod setlist!

Bird Music: The Appleseed Cast – Peregrine

23 05 2011

Thanks to Braddock Bay Raptor Research head honcho Daena Ford for sending me this awesome new track for my collection of bird related music. How appropriate considering the source that it is hawk related too. I guess Lesser Prairie Chickens aren’t the only good thing to come out of Kansas 😉

Bird Music: Caribou – Barn Owl

10 05 2011

Caribou are currently one of my favorite bands. Good music and a couple of bird related themes to their tracks (check out Brahminy Kite in one of my previous posts) so what’s not to like? As with most things music wise that I ‘discover’ these days, my ultra knowledgeable brother introduced me to their sound – thanks Jamie!

Bird Music: Horace Andy – Skylarking

3 05 2011

Probably the only record to ever name check a type of bird behavior! If you can come up with another one I’ll be mightily impressed!

Bird Music: The Lovely Eggs – I like birds but i like other animals too

26 04 2011

Another birds in music track. This from the rather jaunty The Lovely Eggs! Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always liked a nice northern accent on a woman. Reminds me of times spent up in Leeds when I was younger. Assume they are riffing on the classic Eels track ‘I Like Birds’ track’ (here).

Bird Music : Besnard Lakes – Albatross

20 04 2011

Whilst plugging my latest bird related mixtape on Facebook my old friend Alex (he’s not old, our friendship is – just to make that clear) from London piped up with a couple of tunes. He has a pretty wide and eclectic taste in music but he certainly mentioned a couple of little gems, including this rather nice tune from Besnard Lakes. I guess I could have used the Fleetwood Mac track of the same name, but to be honest I’m with the Reynolds Girls (obscure 80’s British pop music reference) when it comes to Mick’s boys!

Bird Music: Indie Mixtape 2

15 04 2011
Hummer – Luke Tiller

Another day another bird inspired music mixtape. What about the first track you are wondering? ROBIN Gibb – get it! Kinda cheating I guess 😉 Anyway check out the new youtube playlist here. For some reason this won’t seem to link and play automatically so you’ll have to hit play all.

1/ Bee Gees (Robin Gibb) – I started a joke 2/ McDonald and Giles – Flight of the ibis 3/ Devendra Banhart – Wake up little sparrow 4/ Neko Case – Maybe sparrow 5/ Belle and Sebastian – I’m a cuckoo, 6/ Islands – Creeper 7/ Born Ruffians – Hummingbird 8/ Dodos – Black night 9/ Buffalo Tom – Birdbrain 10/ Giant Drag – Swan Song 11/ Sleeper – Swallow 12/ Doves – Black and white town 13/ Caribou – Brahminy Kite 14/ Birds and Batteries – Lightning 15/ Thom Yorke – Black Swan 16/ Swans – Love will tear us apart (hard drums version)

Bird Music: The Dodos – Black Night

13 04 2011

One of the latest bird related records that I stumbled upon (and the first band I have stumbled upon named after an extinct one): The Dodos. Cool psych or indie folk and they just stuck out a new album No Color. An entertaining video too. Hope you enjoy.