Pure Holiday Foolishness: Bird Related Music

24 12 2008
Pieces of a Man

Gil Scott-Heron: Pieces of a Man

A couple of years back my brother, who is a big music nerd, was trying to come up with music mix CD’s that reflected the recipients interests. So his girlfriends father (who loves jogging) got a CD stuffed with such classics as Bryan Adams ‘Run to You’ and Springsteen’s – Born to Run’ – clever eh!

I was thinking about that again the other day and wondered whether I could come up with a ‘twitching’ mix CD that I might listen to in the car on my way to look for a Varied Thrush or some such. Well I was surprised how many good records (at least in my opinion) I could come up with that either had bird names in the track title or the band name.

Thanks to some help from the folks at Birdforum and the skillz of Eric ‘the frog’ Kupper I think I have built a decent little collection of tunes. I can’t say they are all my favorite records (apart from Gil, The Decemberists and the perfect Eels track) but I could at least tap my toes to most of them – and no godawful ‘Hotel California’ required thank goodness!

Track List in Full:

Black CrowesHard to handle

Trashmen – Surfin Bird

One Dove – White Love

Sleeper – Swallow

The Doves – Here it comes

Eels – I like Birds

Buffalo Tom – Birdbrain

Flock of Seagulls – I ran

DK’s – I am the owl

Beatles – and your bird can sing

Stones – Little Red Rooster

The Decemberists – Crane Wife

TV on the Radio – The Owl and the Stork

The Byrds – 8 miles high

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

MIA – Bird Flu

Soulja Boy – Bird Walk

Flamingos – I only have eyes for you

Grant Lee Buffalo – mockingbirds

REM – Swan Swan H

Cymande – Dove

Beatles – Blue Jay Way

Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

Gil Scott Heron – The Bottle

Belle & Sebastian – I’m a Cuckoo



5 responses

25 12 2008

Cowboy Junkies – Good Friday: Lots of bird/nature imagery – great song!

28 12 2008
Wendy K

Luke – the music is great…you’ve got to love the Trashmen. I used to jokingly sing this song to my kids but never really knew where I’d heard it or who it was.

28 12 2008

Chrissy – Where’s the bird name in the title? If it was Cowbird Junkies that would be a good one! and dare I say a better band name 😉 Cheers for a fun day Friday – full report on the blog this evening!

Wendy – Glad you liked the music. I only really know the Trashmen song from the movie Full Metal Jacket (which doesn’t have quite the same fun imagery that you have attached to the song) – a great record though.

28 12 2008

You’ll be glad to know there’s an entire family guy episode dedicated to Surfin Bird… http://www.familyguynow.com/watch.php?id=702 ; )

31 12 2008

Hey Jamie – that link doesn’t work – i think this one does: http://www.hulu.com/playerembed.swf?referrer=none&eid=gsoH3CTNq4xbMyYZN5J5zA but it does have annoying adverts.

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