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30 04 2009
Osprey - AJ Hand

Osprey - AJ Hand

Finally getting my brain back into gear after an amazing tour of Colorado. So many highlight moments to enjoy including standing knee deep in snow looking for Williamson’s Sapsucker, rounding up all three Rosy Finches and even getting to hold a few in my hand, Boreal Owl tooting from a mountain pass at midnight, lekking Greater Prairie-chickens surrounding our car on a ranch in Wray and maybe best of all a sunset encounter with my first Moose and a Golden Eagle perched above it as we swept across the plains of Northern Colorado. This week I’ll be putting together the numerous stories from the trip and posting a report here. Details on next years tour can be found here.

Whilst I work on the report I thought I’d share this little poem that my mother sent me from the RSPB site. We have covered bird art, photography and music so lets throw a little prose into the mix. In his final month as poet laureate Andrew Motion (clever post title huh!) has contributed the linked piece to the RSPB ‘Moments’ campaign (poem here). Whilst on the subject of Ospreys, here is a little piece I put together for Windcheck Magazine The artwork for the piece (and above) is provided by my good friend AJ Hand – if you haven’t done so already check out his photography on the Friends of Sherwood Island State Park site in the links.



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30 04 2009
Chrissie T

thought you might enjoy Andrew Motion’s recollection of having been dragged out reluctantly to do bird spotting by his dad as a child – and then discovering the magic of it for himself in later life!

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