Nocturnally Migrating Ospreys!!!

29 09 2010

You too may have heard the reports of Ospreys migrating through NYC at night. We decided to step out onto the hallowed turf of Quaker Ridge and try our best to spot a few! Full report from Luke Tiller and Catherine Hamilton.

Birdemic, the most awesome movie ever?!?

25 03 2010

“Why would birds do something like that?”. Indeed!!!!!

Bird Comedy!

11 03 2010

There’s never much around in the world of comedy relating to birds, so it’s always nice to dig something out bird related that makes me chuckle. For those that don’t know the League of Gentlemen it’s a British comedy show that has one character that is a rather luckless vet – Mr Chinnery. The sketch is also a nod to a great British movie called Kes about a young working class boy and his pet Eurasian Kestrel. The movie is absolutely fantastic equal parts charming, moving and hilariously funny with many classic scenes that will ring true – especially for anyone who has ever suffered an oafish gym teacher.