Nocturnally Migrating Ospreys!!!

29 09 2010

You too may have heard the reports of Ospreys migrating through NYC at night. We decided to step out onto the hallowed turf of Quaker Ridge and try our best to spot a few! Full report from Luke Tiller and Catherine Hamilton.



6 responses

30 09 2010

Very funny. More like this please!

13 10 2010
Dawn Fine

Hee heee…How did i miss this post..You two crack me up!

14 10 2010

That’s funny! reminds me of a cross between ghost hunters and a British wildlife program.

16 10 2010

This cracked me up. You two are too funny!

17 10 2010

@ Dawn and Larry – thanks for the comments – at least you didn’t think we were being serious – no names mentioned. he he

17 10 2010

Thanks Cindy – funny ha ha or funny crazy?

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