Snow Goose…in May?

16 05 2010

Nothing says mid-May birding less to me than a Snow Goose, but that’s what we got on our weekend Sunrise Birding extravaganza to New York State. One of many highlights – some a little more expected including: 25 species of Warbler including 2x Mourning, Bay-breasted, Tennessee, killer Blackburnian views, more Hoodeds than you could shake a stick at, Golden-wingeds and ‘Brewsters’ as well as 2x American Bittern, Virginia Rail, 3x Upland Sandpiper, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Orchard Orioles aplenty, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, 6 White-crowned Sparrow all on the same square yard of road, Lincoln’s Sparrow etc – oh and obviously Snow Goose. Trip report and species list to come.



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