Cave Swallows – Quaker Ridge First

14 11 2012

Cave Swallow – Luke Tiller

After speaking with friends up on Lake Ontario on Monday and hearing that they had a decent but by no means large flight of Cave Swallows I had my toes, fingers and all other parts that I could, crossed for these little Texan beauties putting in an appearance at the watch either yesterday or today. Well I got my wish and some lousy (but diagnostic) pictures to go with.

Cave Swallow – Luke Tiller

There appeared to be only three birds but they circled around a few times over the building and fields over the watch allowing Stefan Martin, Tom Baptist and Catherine Hamilton (who all showed up after the first appeared) to join myself and Bill Wallace in enjoying the show.

Cave Swallow – Luke Tiller

Hopefully a couple more will put in an appearance over the day!!!!

Cave Swallow – Luke Tiller



2 responses

14 11 2012
Patrice Gillespie

Handsome little devils!

14 11 2012

Thanks Patrice ,

I was pretty excited getting them here inland – I knew they would probably pick them up along the coast today, but Quaker is usually at a bit of a disadvantage with these birds being 7 miles from the shore.


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