More Junco

18 11 2012

Junco – Bill Asteriades

Not that it’s changing my revised opinion that this bird from East Shore Park in New Haven is somewhere more in the realm of Oregon Junco than Pink-sided, I thought this picture from Bill Asterides was at least a better feel for how the bird looked in the field once it was in the light. Still inclined to agree with Mark Szantyr’s interpretation of both colors and extensiveness of flank coloration leaning towards Oregon, but still an interesting looking bird nonetheless.

I see the Audubon’s Warbler was relocated today. I wonder if people got pictures – is it possible the Audubon’s from Stratford, Milford and New Haven are all the same bird? East Shore really is an amazing spot, probably unique in Connecticut, and needs to be hit every day by some good birders in late fall – otherwise how are we ever going to get the state’s first Townsend’s Warbler 😉