‘Little Brown Jobs’

26 10 2012

Lincoln’s Sparrow – Luke Tiller

I have to say I’ve always been the biggest fan of sparrows. I guess starting doing most of my ‘serious’ birding at Allen’s Meadows might have played a part in that. Although the Neotropical migrants are more brilliant and gaudy there’s something just so beautiful about the intricacies of sparrow markings and coloration.

Lincoln’s Sparrow – Luke Tiller

Last weekend myself and old friends Joe Bear and Brian O’Toole lead the COA Sparrow Workshop down at Allen’s. It was a great day out, but out of all the sparrows we connected with (Clay-colored, multiple Vespers and hordes of White-crowned Sparrows) we missed probably my favorite: Lincoln’s Sparrow. Luckily a few have been sticking around the Audubon here in Greenwich and the other day one was accommodating enough to sit still for a few pictures.

Lincoln’s Sparrow – Luke Tiller

To think people have the temerity to call these ‘little brown jobs’. Time to look closer my friends….



4 responses

27 10 2012
Dick Mansfield (@vtbirder)

Nice post – and nice photos. Found you via Marli D tweet

27 10 2012

Thanks Dick. Much appreciated!

29 10 2012
Dawn (@DawnFine)

Lovely color in these photos! Hope you fare well with Hurricane Sandy! Suppose you will be out looking for what birds she brings in,

29 10 2012

Thanks Dawn – assuming there won’t be much left once Sandy is through – a shame because I found the perfect spot to shoot from. Hope things go OK out east – see you on the other side…


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