House Sparrows…they’ll nest just about anywhere

29 04 2009

The humble house sparrow and other ‘trash’ birds get a bad press all in all. Obviously being non-native species in the States there are concerns about the way they affect our native species, and if truth be told it would probably be better if they weren’t here at all (here’s a site with some of the history of their introduction). I however have to admit to a kind of begrudging affection for the little blighters. It seems to me that one has to have some kind of respect for a bird that has adapted so compltely to the general mess we have made of its planet. Rather than going the way of many extinct or declining birds (the most pressing problems for most birds is habitat loss), the humble House Sparrow has not only survived, but has thrived right here along with us. Anyway, my wife sent me a link to this website which has House Sparrows nesting on a host of commercial signage (here). I guess you could call the photography art?



One response

30 04 2009
Dawn Fine

I like the signage and nesting birds..great idea..thanks for the link.
As for the house sparrow..well…I don’t mind the little critters…I agree with you… they have adapted well to the mess we have made.

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