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25 04 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I am just rounding up an absolutely amazing trip to Colorado but internet service is somewhat difficult to find in small town Colorado. Lots of amazing birds, beautiful scenery, fun and memorable moments. Normal service to come soon. Look for some great photos and a trip report soon here and on  Lots of other new bits and pieces to add when I get back.

ps. Congrats to Tina Green on the Western Meadowlark – almost sick of seeing them here as they are everywhere – but in Connecticut!!!!!! – what a find and with no small amount of skill involved in the ID!!!!



4 responses

26 04 2009
Dawn Fine

Looking forward to your Colorado trip posts…I read about the meadowlark ..It takes a special birder to make that ID.

28 04 2009
Tina Green

Thanks for the kind words.I’m a product of all your birding walks and feel you had a hand in it!I look forward to seeing many more birds with you.

28 04 2009

It’s been a pleasure to have your enthusiastic company and it’s amazing to me how good of a birder you have become over such a short period of time. Joe was giving me a good ribbing about needing to get out with you when I get back so you can show me some good birds 😉 Everyone in Colorado was saying what a great birder you are and what a tough ID the meadowlark was. Congrats again!

30 10 2009
Mike Steeves

You can find some bird galleries for southeastern Colorado – primarily Otero County – here:

Please note that the library in La Junta, CO, has 24/7 wireless Internet access. If the library is closed, you can still connect while sitting at one of the benches outside the building, or from your car in the parking lot. The library is at 6th and Colorado. You can also pick up a wireless connection at The Barista coffeeshop, at 2nd and Santa Fe.

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