Northern Saw-whet Owl – Another look!

19 03 2009
Northern Saw-whet Owl - AJ Hand

Northern Saw-whet Owl - AJ Hand

The latest bird reports are pretty depressing so I thought I’d cheer everyone up (including myself) with a picture that AJ Hand snapped of the Saw-whet Owl that I found on my Sunrise Bird Walk in Westport over the last weekend (it had left by the next day). I wonder how many of you eagle-eyed birders noticed the little mouse/vole clutched in it’s talons before I mentioned it (you can spot the paw) . I’m guessing the mouse was the only one not thrilled to see this bird at the weekend! Thanks to AJ Hand for the loan of the picture – another really stunning capture.



4 responses

19 03 2009

Let’s band that little guy! Great shot!

19 03 2009

Can’t wait ’til November! Something else to look forward to!

12 04 2009
Dawn Fine

What an amazing photo! I am enjoying your blog.

6 04 2011
Saw-whet musings etc… « Under Clear Skies

[…] thought I’d share one my friend AJ took in Westport CT which he loaned me for my blog before (here). He actually didn’t like this shot very much – shows you how good his best ones […]

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