Conan O’Brien goes Birding

19 03 2009

My friend Annette sent me this amusing video which some of you may not have seen before (sorry about the poor quality but the Hi Def version that Annette sent me wouldn’t load). In fact Central Park is an amazing birding hotspot in Spring and probably one of the best in the North East. I’m just putting together details for a day trip to Central Park as we speak after the success of last year. Details will be out soon on my Trips and Tours page (I just noticed how badly it needs updating).



2 responses

20 03 2009
steve t

Who is this guy? He’s not funny. The birding spoof you had on the site a few months back was miles better by comparison – original and refreshing. This was just a cheap shot…. using these nice people as stooges… with canned laughter…

22 03 2009

I know he was being really obnoxious and but I still think it was funny.

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