Bird Reports – Local, National and International

19 03 2009

The Audubon Connecticut IBA site has the Conservation Plan for Lighthouse Point Park online. At last weeks NHBC meeting Chris Field talked a little about the plan and some of the decision making that is still to be made. To see the plan online and to answer the feedback form at the bottom of the document, check out the PDF version here.

The Feds have released their 2009 State of the Birds report (here). To me these kind of things always make for some depressing reading, however the positive notes on Bald Eagles, Peregrines and waterfowl does highlight that where there is the will we can make an impact in turning these declines around. A really nice video, with some beautiful footage, accompanies the report as well so check it out.

Spoon-billed Sandpiper report 2009. Things are looking pretty grim for one of the globes most distinctive sandpipers. The latest report shows some pretty diminished numbers from some of the regular wintering grounds of one of the globes rarest shorebirds (more here). A real shame as this is just a stunning bird that captured my attention even as a child flicking through my field guides.



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