I came to CA and all I got was this lousy….

4 12 2012

White-throated Sparrow – Luke tiller

Today I popped out to Eaton Canyon to try and get pictures of some western sparrows, especially some of the Golden-crowneds and juncos. Unfortunately the only decent shot I managed to get was of an eastern sparrow. This White-throated Sparrow was loosely associating with some juncos (none cooperative for pictures!!!) along the stream bed on the west side of the canyon. More specifically,  heading north from the Midwick Drive entrance walk along the bank until you hit a group of four or so Sycamores. It was hanging out there just as the stream bed got wet.  Yesterday I also got some horrific shots of a Slate-colored type Junco that is hanging around Catherine’s house here. It seems like weird sparrows have a habit of following me around 😉




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17 02 2013
Rod & Pat Higbie

I did not meet you when you were in California in 12/2012, but some of the Pasadena Audubon people said your home base was in CT and that you had this web page. Myself and my wife are planning on birding in coastal CT, RI, and MA in August. Our primary interest is shorebirds and waterfowl. I was hoping you could recommend some good birding spots in these areas. Thanks for any help.

Rod & Pat Higbie:

19 02 2013

Hi Rod and Pat – Thanks for the note. I’ll send you some thoughts on places to bird in CT and RI via your email. All the best – Luke

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