More White-throated Sparrows…

10 12 2012
Golden-crowned Sparrow - Luke Tiller

Golden-crowned Sparrow – Luke Tiller

Once again whilst heading to Eaton Canyon to look to take a couple of sparrow pictures I managed to run into the White-throated Sparrow that I am assuming is the same bird that I saw on  December 4th. I hadn’t seen the bird since initially discovering him, even though I pop down to Eaton Canyon most days. The snap below shows what appears to be the same adult bird.

White-throated Sparrow - Luke Tiller

White-throated Sparrow – Luke Tiller

Compared to the photo in the post below it certainly looks like the same individual. Anyway as I was shooting this bird a second White-throated Sparrow suddenly popped up in a nearby bush, which appeared to be a distinctly ‘tan-striped’ form. I didn’t have time to get great looks (or a good picture) of the bird, but I think you can make enough out on this record shot of the bird to see that it was a different individual.

White-thoated Sparrow - Luke Tiller

White-thoated Sparrow – Luke Tiller

I did my best to try get more shots of the second bird but it was only in view a couple of times and always buried at the shady base of some shrub. Still there are obviously two White-throats there. Even if they are a pig to find when they get buried down in the brush, maybe there being two of them at least increases chances of picking them up for the Christmas Bird Count if they stick in.

The birds have moved down canyon a bit it seems, and were both were snapped just along the entrance path 50 yards downhill from the entrance on Midwick Drive.