BwBTC Meet-up October 15th

27 08 2011

The Bloggers - Luke Tiller

I did a walk a couple of years back for birding bloggers who live in the local area and I’ll be doing one again on October 15th this year. Last time  we held the event it was early early July, hardly conducive to getting good birds in Connecticut so you’d think but we ended up having a pretty good day with a few nice species including a lingering King Eider at Hammo.

This year however provides the perfect opportunity to showcase my old patch at Allen’ Meadows. It’s an amazing spot for open country migrants and recent greatest hits have included Harris’s Sparrow, Northern Wheatear and Lark Sparrow (the last two on the same day!!!!!!) in amongst the more prosaic possible good migrants: Blue Grosbeak, Dickcissel, Orange-crowned Warbler etc (checklist for the birds here). You can also read an article I wrote about the site for the towns conservation newsletter (here) and a bit on my website (here).

We’ll also hit a couple of other spots in town and then head for another local birding gem Sherwood Island State Park (checklist etc here). It should be a really fun day out if the last event was anything to go by. You can read more about that trip (here). More details on the BwBTC facebook page soon.



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