Shot of the day – September 16th – Olive-sided Flycatcher

16 09 2011

Olive-sided Flycatcher - Luke Tiller

With 6000+ Broad-winged Hawks going over Quaker today you’d think I had one good shot, but unfortunately they didn’t play ball. Still I managed to add to my flycatchers of Quaker Ridge shots (with the new camera). Much more appealing than last weeks digiscoped effort and this time I captured the diagnostic (but also not always showing) white

patches on the back.

Shot of yesterday! More Merlin

15 09 2011

Merlin - Luke Tiller

After waking up with excruciating tooth pain this morning I traded the mornings photography for a visit to the dentist – yay! Anyway seeing as I was going to stick up a new shot each day I have the camera, I thought I’d sift through the Merlin shots from yesterday and see what I could come up with. Well here is my favorite. I also played around with photoshop on this one a bit (think I need a crash course). Any photography or photoshop advice definitely appreciated.

Shot of the day – Sept 14th – Merlin

14 09 2011

Merlin - Luke Tiller

After not quite getting the desired results on some flight shots I snapped of this bird this morning, I was pleased to see when I popped back out that this Merlin had managed to thin the local House Sparrow population and got itself a good breakfast. Nice!

Shot of the day Sept 13th – Eastern Phoebe

13 09 2011

Eastern Phoebe - Luke Tiller

My favorite shots from today were of this Eastern Phoebe. A common migrant  and one that was willing to play ball for the camera. I also thought it was nice to get another flycatcher to add to the recent collection – Scissor-tailed tomorrow (one can dream!!!)

Eastern Phoebe - Luke Tiller

Eastern Pewee

13 09 2011

Eastern Pewee - Luke Tiller

Hard to believe that this bird and the one in the previous post are oft confused but they do have some basic similarities I guess. Steve Beal (you can check his website here) was kind enough to loan me a camera for a few days (after reading me moan about digiscoping on facebook), so I thought I’d stick up one of the shots I snapped on the first day.

Ever notice how the only people that are into digiscoping are the very same ones that are desperate to sell you scopes or equipment for scopes. Coincidence? Call me an old skeptic but I suspect not. Not to say you can’t get some great pictures digiscoping, it’s just that mine never seem to turn out that way! Record shots: yes, something beautiful: not so much.

Anyway, I like the fact that this bird looks like she’s sticking a thumb out to hitch a lift. Maybe she should have a little cardboard sign in front saying ‘Managua or bust’. I am going to try to stick up a daily favorites shot of the day over the next couple of days. Lets hope to see some improvement eh?

Olive-sided Flycatcher

4 09 2011

Olive-sided Flycatcher - Luke Tiller

Probably the passerine highlight of the fall so far has been a couple of Olive-sided Flycatchers. Today I managed to get a poor record shot in terrible lighting conditions. At least you can tell what it is though.  I have to say that Quaker Ridge and the nearby Fairchild Gardens are about as productive a spot for this species as I have stumbled upon (I think that’s three on the week so far). I rather like this flycatcher – although somewhat drab in appearance they are fairly animated in their behavior. ps Anyone ever notice how badly it’s illustrated in Nat Geo – ouch!