As bad as it gets…

5 08 2011

Mystery Peep? Luke Tiller

So as lousy as this shot is, I think it shows that even with a terrible shot of something as generally tough to ID as a peep you can still get identifiable record shots of birds even at great distance under difficult conditions.

Interesting that many people chose the rise in the availability of digital cameras as one of the most important developments in birding in recent years in a current poll. Anyone want to guess what it is?



2 responses

7 08 2011
Daena Ford

OK – I’ll take a stab at it. Shorebirds are not my forte by any means either. Is it a Western Sandpiper?

8 08 2011

Hey Daena,

And we have a winner 😉 You must be better than you think 😉 Western Sandpiper it is. It’s an adult and still retains enough adult plumage to aid identification. This includes the bright scapulars some bright coloration around the head and although it is blurry your can see the heavier streaking that Western Sandpipers possess around the breast and sides.


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