Eastern Box Turtle

4 07 2011

Eastern Box Turtle - Annette Cunniffe

Went for an early morning walk around Greenwich Audubon today and was thrilled to stumble upon this Eastern Box Turtle. The species is one of special concern in Connecticut and considering how often I am out in the field surprisingly one that I have seen just once or twice before. Nice to know it’s in safe hands with the Audubon – just hope it’s staying away from the roads! You can find out more about them on the CT DEP website (here).

When there aren’t many birds around it’s always nice to find something else to look at. From the look of its eyes though it looks like it might have had a bit of a rough night too. Talk about bloodshot 😉

EDIT some more nice info (here). It seems likely that this individual could be a male based on eye color and carapace shape but not 100% sure.

Eastern Box Turtle - Annette Cunniffe