Bird Music: Birdy – Skinny Love

29 06 2011

15 year old British vocalist Birdy’s cover version of the awesome Bon Iver track Skinny Love.

My brother

21 06 2011

Performance #12 - Jamie Tiller 2008

My brother finally got his all new website up (here). I guess my family are keeping their fingers crossed that he turns his talents into something that actually earns some real money, unlike yours truly. Maybe he can come up with the grandchildren too and really take the pressure off 😉 A print of the attached photo graces the wall of my parents, so it reminds me of London as well.

Bird Music: The Wooden Birds – Struck by Lightning

19 06 2011

Another cracking bird related track. The Wooden Birds are fronted by Andrew Kenny, frontman of a longtime favorite band: American Analog Set. Their latest album ‘Two Matchsticks’ came out recently and from what I have heard so far it sounds like a winner.

Bird Music: Bowerbirds – In our talons

6 06 2011

Part of the ‘freak folk’ music scene. Discovered this band through the Ariel Pinks. Another track fit for my bird related music iPod setlist!