20 11 2010

Moonwatching - Nov 20th 2010

Just doing some moonwatching photography tonight. Looks like I captured a little birdie on it, I wonder what it could be?



5 responses

20 11 2010
Nick Bonomo

Uh oh, Luke got a hold of photoshop. Records committee beware 🙂

20 11 2010

I hope it doesn’t leave tonight I want to go see it with the Young Birders Club tomorrow if possible!

20 11 2010
Alex Burdo

haha Luke nice one!

20 11 2010
Dawn Fine

ohh…ha…that would make a few birders unhappy to see that forky leave.

21 11 2010

I’ve got friends lving on the moon so I’ll have to forward this report right away.

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