Born Again Twitcher – Fork-tailed Flycatcher

17 11 2010

Fork-tailed Flycatcher - AJ Hand

After thinking that the twitching bug had been well and truly put to bed, a couple of great finds in Connecticut have seen me heading out to twitch birds this fall. Just call me Mr. Hypocrite! Tina Green found the first twitchable Forked-tailed Flycatcher at Cove Island Park in Stamford whilst waiting for her car to be repaired. Pretty crazy – just goes to prove that there is no bad time to go birding!

Talking of twitching, not sure how many people this side of the pond caught up with the BBC documentary about twitchers in the UK? If not I linked it here. If I ever get like these guys just shoot me 😉 Thanks to AJ Hand for the sending me this top quality picture of the bird!