Luke Tiller – Bird Artist ;)

26 03 2010

White-throated Sparrow - Luke Tiller

Just messing around with some old sketches that I made of a few birds. Perhaps it’s time to dig out the old sketch pad again and give bird drawing another go. Of course when you’re friends with professional artists it’s hard not to feel intimidated by ones own paltry efforts but still quite a lot of fun to mess around with.



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26 03 2010

Lucky Luke!

Thought you and your readers might might enjoy this link to a livecam of a barn owl nest:

Hope to see you sometime soon,
Erika and co.

26 03 2010

Thanks Erika, That’s a cool webcam indeed. Yes lets meet up soon. Maybe I can get you and the family over to Greenwich for food and drinks at some point soon?


28 03 2010

nice pic. lovely to see you drawing again. hoping to see many more..

3 05 2010

Howdee Luke,
I am catching up with some blog reading ..thought i would come over and see what you have been up to. Thats a great drawing! did you show that to Birdspot?

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