Hating Digiscoping Less!

30 09 2009

E. Phoebe - Luke Tiller

E. Phoebe - Luke Tiller

So here is the important lesson I have learned recently about digiscoping. Much like using the DSLR which AJ Hand loaned me earlier in the year you need to concentrate on birds that are within close proximity (unless you are snapping a record shot of some extreme rare loafing on a beach half a mile away, then just click away and hope for the best). This Eastern Phoebe was hanging around today at the hawkwatch using the much underused Hummingbird feeder I have set up more in hope than expectation of some stray western vagrant. From only 30 yards or so you can actually get something hand-held that doesn’t look too bad (even if I say so myself). A little photoshop manipulation can really help too as long as it’s at least remotely sharp. Picture number 3 is probably the sharpest but not the most expressive unfortunately.



4 responses

1 10 2009
Don Morgan

Luke, what are you hand-holding – the scope or the camera? I know of a couple of people that can successfully digiscope while holding the scope, but for most of us thats an exercise in futility. Hand-holding the camera works out ok if the camera mates well with the eyepiece and you can get a fast enough shutter speed. It does, however, take alot of practice. I am still struggling to learn digiscoping and long ago realized that a dedicated camera with an adapter for the scope is the only way I am really going to get anywhere on a consistent basis. The hardest thing was simply learning to always bring everthing I need with me. Not nearly satisfied with my results yet, but at least I can say I have learned alot about what does NOT work, and am seeing some improvement.
Regards, Don

1 10 2009

Hi Don, Yes hand holding the camera. One tip I have was given – set to landscape on the point and shoot etc helped, An attachment might work best but I can’t be bothered with the amount of time that takes – usually when shooting on trips I have a moment to snap something before we get to the next bird (which I need to find more often than not).


5 10 2009
Dawn Fine

Howdee Luke,
Great shot!
Did u ever see the attachment that Jeff made..might help u out..it was very easy to make…

5 10 2009

Hey Dawn, Very cool – I am completely useless at making stuff! It might give it a try though.


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