Albino Double-crested Cormorant

30 09 2009
Albino Double-crested Cormorant - Dia Robinson

Albino Double-crested Cormorant - Dia Robinson

Not sure I’ve ever come across one of these before. This picture of the cormorant was sent in to the Audubon Center of Greenwich by Dia Robinson and was taken by her sister Julie Sengstacken in Guilford CT. Anyway I thought that it might be of interest to birders both in state and outside. Certainly a weird looking bird – anyone seen one of these before?

EDIT: On the grapevine I hear that apparently this bird was possibly the bird initially reported as a White Pelican (you can see why!) in Guilford and Janet Mehmel may already have taken pictures of this individual.



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1 10 2009
Janet Mehmel

I first found this bird 2 days after the white pelican was reported. It was far out on the rocks off Chaffinch Is Park. Now for the last 2-3 weeks the bird has been on the power lines over the West River where Rt 146 crosses the water. I took several pictures but none as good as this one!
janet mehmel

1 10 2009

Hi Janet, So the rumors were true. Thanks for the additional info. on the story of this bird!

5 10 2009
Dawn Fine

Wow..never have seen one of these! great sighting.

4 03 2010
Ghost Bird in Greenwich « Under Clear Skies

[…] Here’s a cool picture of an albino Red-tailed Hawk that was taken here in Greenwich. Thanks to Jennifer Braverman for sending in the photo and for giving me permission to use the image. She relayed to me that it didn’t seem keen to pose for photos, but I think the snap gives a pretty good idea of just how white this particular bird is. A pretty incredible looking individual. Anyway nice to add to the albino bird collection on the blog (see the Double-crested Cormorant picturees here). […]

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