Pure Holiday Foolishness – Bird Music (slight return)

31 12 2008

Marissa Nadler - Songs 3

Marissa Nadler - Songs 3

Not to be outdone my brother sent me some bird related music goodies to go with my previous post. I particularly like the Marissa Nadler track. This has now become a few of my friends favorite pub game – a great test of music nerd prowess!

Marissa Nadler – Bird on your Grave

Leonard Cohen – Bird on a wire

Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle

Neil Young – Birds

Devendra Banhart – Wake up little sparrow



4 responses

1 01 2009
Chrissie T

My vote is with the Leonard Cohen – pure vintage!
Chrissie T xx

3 01 2009
Nick Bonomo

Hey Luke, does this one pass the test:
Take These Broken Wings by Mister Mister

Oh god…I am so embarrassed that I know that song….

5 01 2009

Hey Nick,

You could have tested that theory with the much better Little Wing by Hendrix. There was much discussion on the inclusion of wing and of course the band Wings (only the band the Beatles could have been to quote Alan Partridge). In the end we decided against. As for the track itself I think it would be much better suited to the list ‘records that might make you consider cutting your ears off’ 😉


26 03 2009

lol ‘the band the Beatles could have been’

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