Forthcoming Sunrise Birding Walks and reflections on the year

26 11 2008
Searching for warblers in warmer times!

Searching for warblers in warmer times!

Gina just posted my forthcoming Sunrise walks for the end of this year and the schedule for the beginning of next year. I am particularly looking forward to the trips over to New York in February. Last year these two trips were both simply phenomenal. The Eagles trip was amazing with particular highlights being the 4 Long-eared Owls seen roosting and then hunting at twilight as well as the eagle roost that afforded amazing views of over a dozen eagles all perched in the same field of view. An additional  bonus was a probably hacked but untagged Trumpeter Swan in with a second tagged Trumpeter. The Raptor Trip was one of the highlights of the year, with amazing sightings including a highly prized Hoary Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Short-eared Owl, Red-headed Woodpecker and an abundance of beautiful Rough-legged Hawks (conservative guess would be of over a dozen individuals). Hopefully these trips will be just as successful this year.

It got me thinking about the year in local trips thus far. There have been a load of great birds seen and loads of fun moments. Highlights of the year in Connecticut have been: American Pelican, Harlequin Duck, Ruff, Snowy Owl, Cave Swallow, 28 species of Warbler including Cape May, Bay-breast, Yellow-breasted Chat, Orange-crowned and Tennessee as well as Dickcissel. Quite a few life and state birds in there for many participants and all found in just this little corner of Fairfield County. Thanks to all those that came and made the trips such memorable and fun mornings out.



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