Multiplying Snowies

25 11 2008
Stratford Snowy Owl - Charlie Barnard

Stratford Snowy Owl - Charlie Barnard

Another couple of birders and I were wondering whether the Snowy Owl reported in Stratford at the same time as the Norwalk Snowy Owl might have possibly been the one that arrived in Westport (as found by Tina Green). Well thanks to Charlie Barnard reading the post and sending me a great snap of the Stratford Owl I think we can safely rule out the Westport bird being the relocated Stratford bird. That means we can now tally 3 seperate Snowies in Fairfield County over the last couple of weeks. I note that a Snowy Owl was reported from Bridgeport today by Charlie (the same bird that disappeared from Stratford 10 or so days ago?) It is certainly turning into a banner year for these beautiful and much sought after owls down on the Fairfield County coast!



One response

28 11 2008

Hi Luke,
I just wanted to mention that the Stratford Snowy Owl was first observed and reported by Twan Leenders of CT.Audubon.
I enjoy your blog.

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