Blatant Advertising – but of a good kind!

23 03 2010

Red-bellied Woodpecker - Catherine Hamilton

Not really for me. I just wanted to draw your attention to a few cool things that are coming up or occuring in the world of birds right now.

Raptor Conference – Audubon Greenwich – May 7th and 8th

First off Audubon Greenwich will be holding a Raptor Conservation conference at the Audubon Centre in Greenwich on May 7th and 8th (click here for details). It should be a really cool day with a chance to get to hear about raptor conservation projects both locally and continentally. With Guests from Hawk Mountain and Veracruz it’s a dream line up for anyone interested in hawkwatching, raptors or conservation. I’ll be there manning the hawkwatch and hope to get to meet some of the hawkwatchers from the Tri-state area and beyond. It’ll be a great chance to meet up with like minded people and to share some tips, experiences and gossip with your local hawkwatching fraternity as well as to find out how to get more involved in raptor conservation projects. You can register online for the event at the bottom of the page!

What have Lukes friends been up to?

All About Birds

If you have been hibernating this month you might have missed Catherine Hamilton’s online exhibition on the All About Birds website (click here). Go check it out, the artwork is absolutely stunning and I’m not just saying that because I am heavily biased. Move over David Sibley! A few of the pieces were produced right here in Greenwich including one of my particular favorites the Red-bellied Woodpecker – go check it out.

Benjamin Van Dorens Blog

New York birder, Greenwich Hawk watcher, and blogger extraordinaire Benjamin has recently become president of the New York State Young Birders club as well so congratulations to him. Here is a link to his blog from a day we spent chasing birds up in New York State (click here)

Birds of North America Fashion Line

At a recent Chelsea art gallery opening I ran into a nice artist who was telling me about his passion for birding and about his girlfriends fashion line that takes its collection names from birds (check it out here).

Art and Birds

26 03 2009
Jean Luc Mylayne - Bird Photography

Jean Luc Mylayne - Bird Photography

I have always loved art and at one point, in what seems like a past life now, went to art college to do my foundation degree. Now obviously I see birds and art as making an interesting combination. Some of the photo’s from my linked sites are truly stunning but recently I was turned on to two artists who have been more influenced by nature and birds instead of using them specifically as the focal point of their photography.

The first is Jean Luc Mylayne. My brother actually got me the Jean Luc Mylayne book for my birthday and it is really spectacular. All of his pictures were taken on a large format camera so there are no telephoto lenses involved here, he rather has worked the birds into his photographs either using close approach or just letting them be just one aspect of the particular shot. Often he uses the birds as part of the piece rather than them always being visually at the center of it. My wife likened some of them to a birding Where’s Waldo. Cool pictures with lots of humor and charcter. You can see some of the art online (here) and if you are out in the Midwest you can see his amazing prints in person at the Krannert Art Museum (here).

Another art bird book that I got for my birthday, from my friend Tina Green, was Egg & Nest by Rosamund Purcell. The photo’s are either of bird skins, eggs or nests from all over the globe, but with much of the emphasis on North American species. As well as the photographs, there is some interesting stuff about oology and bird collecting in a historical context. It’s a fascinating book and along with the Mylayne book would make a great present for a birder who has an eye to more artistic endeavors. It seems like the recent exhibition of Purcell’s work at Harvard is over but I will keep my eye’s open for forthcoming shows.

To quote from the reviews on the Purcell book “What kind of genius is Rosamund Purcell? Is she an artist? A scholar? A documentarian? A living cabinet of wonders? Her originality defies category as does her newest triumph, Egg and Nest. Crack it’s shell.” – Jonathan Safran Foer

Both books are available from Amazon at least and I imagine you can find them in good book stores locally. I thoroughly recommend checking them out. Purcell Book. Mylayne Book.