Los Angeles: Summer in the City?

12 07 2017

San Gabriel Mountains at dusk – Luke Tiller

Though breeding season everywhere tends to be somewhat slower for birding than most other times of year, there is still plenty to like when it comes to birding in Los Angeles. When it comes to summer birding here it’s hard to beat the San Gabriel Mountains, and not just because the elevation tends to provide a little relief from the warmer temperatures to be found down in the basin.


White-headed Woodpecker – Luke Tiller

Though most people know Los Angeles is in a basin, not many people realize quite how amazing the mountains that surround that basin can be. Less than twenty miles from Downtown, and just about thirty from LAX, one can find oneself seemingly well away from the hubbub of the city. Quickly climbing up in elevation, one can start to find an array of exciting mountain specialties including Bell’s Sparrow, White-headed Woodpecker, Green-tailed Towhee, “Thick-billed” Fox Sparrow, Lawrence’s Goldfinch and more.


Northern Pygmy Owl – Luke Tiller

At night the mountains and foothills can come alive with owls and goatsuckers, which when you include rarities, can include up to seven species of owl. As well as the more common species these might include such sought after goodies as Spotted Owl and Flammulated Owl. One owl often more easily found during the day is the tiny, but fierce, Northern Pygmy-Owl. I love pygmy-owls anyway, but the potential for this bird to be split from those Northern Pygmy-Owls found in the Rocky Mountains adds to the interest.


Black Swift – Luke Tiller

One of North Americas most enigmatic and sought after species can also be found in the Los Angeles area: Black Swift. This highly specialized aerial acrobat breeds in just a handful of spots in Southern California, due to a reliance on waterfall nesting sites in what is a relatively dry region, but at least one pair is relatively accessible from Los Angeles. Every July I take a group out from the local Audubon group to enjoy seeing this neat species.


Mountain Quail – Luke Tiller

Perhaps even more elusive and desirable, summer is not the worst time to be looking for Mountain Quail. Though they are a little easier to find earlier in the year when the birds are still vocal, they can be found in the warmer months too. In fact the best photographs I ever captured of these sneaky little quail were in July. This may just be a coincidence, but I suspect it was because the birds were at least somewhat focused on maintaining contact with chicks at the time rather than what I was up to.


Lawrence’s Goldfinch – Luke Tiller

Though I love migration more than any other time (who doesn’t?), I have to say I’m thankful for all that summer birding in Los Angeles has to offer. It’s always amazing to me that you can escape a population of 19 million people and find yourself alone and surrounded by birds just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Los Angeles.



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