Quaker Ridge Bobcat

9 12 2011

Bobcat - John Fairty

Looking out of his window yesterday John Fairty (Audubon Greenwich Grounds and Facilities Manager) spotted this stunning Bobcat. He managed to run and grab his camera and get a few photos while this cool animal hung around. What he didn’t manage to do was run and get his phone and let me know the cat was there – I am still trying to find it in my heart to forgive him 😉

Bobcat - John Fairty

John also got a little bit of video of the cat is it slunk off and unfortunately it seemed like the animal had an injured back right leg. Hopefully it’s something temporary that won’t stop it successfully hunting. There have been a number of sightings of Bobcat in the area recently with one of our neighbors snapping pictures in her yard and local birder Shaun Martin stumbling on one on the property this past week (which from his description appears to be a different individual). Earlier in the year I saw my only bobcat just a mile or two away in NY State – unfortunately it was roadkill!

Bobcat - John Fairty

Bobcat or no, I still managed to get a lifer mammal this week though in the shape of a Northern flying squirrel. Not quite as cool as a bobcat but a species I have been trying to see properly for about two years now and finally managed to connect with. Thanks Shaun!



5 responses

9 12 2011
Shaun Martin

Your Welcome!

9 12 2011

How exciting and I dearly hope you get to see this beautiful Bobcat soon.

10 12 2011

I think it’s fascinating that we can see bobcats here in Connecticut. Thanks for putting up the photos.I’ll be looking forward to the Mountain Lion photos next!

10 12 2011

Thanks for the comments guys! Fingers crossed here Denise for a repeat sighting. I’m hoping I am indoors if I manage to spot that Mountain Lion Larry 😉

12 12 2011
Dawn Fine

Good luck..Hope you get to see the Bobcat. I see flying squirrels here in NC at the birdfeeders at night.

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