Pawcatuck Hummer

1 11 2011

Selasphorus Hummingbird - Robert Jones

This is a set of photos that Robert Jones digiscoped of the hummingbird that is visiting his feeder currently. I have to say that hummers are not my strong point so I am not getting any further than Rufous/Allen’s in my ID but maybe someone else can do better.

Selasphorus Hummingbird - Robert Jones

Female and immature birds are essentially almost inseparable in the field ID wise although you can do so with very good looks but probably more importantly pictures of the retrices (narrower and longer in Allen’s). There is a good article on this thorny ID challenge on Sheri L. Williamson’s fantastic blog (here).

Selasphorus Hummingbird - Robert Jones

Great find by Robert. Many thanks for allowing me to post the pictures on the blog!

EDIT: This bird is apparently a male, the sex is indicated by the rufous coloration on the first retrice (R1) . Thanks to Mark Szantyr for this information. He believes the feather looks too broad for it to be anything other than a Rufous Hummingbird but thinks that better photographs (of a spread tail) may be needed to be definitive on the ID.



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