Braddock Bay Sandhill Crane

25 04 2011

Sandhill Crane - Luke Tiller

A notable bird down in Greenwich Connecticut  where I usually find myself residing (although two years ago I did manage to find nine on the season for the Quaker Ridge Count), but an increasingly common bird up here in Western NY State. Still in my humble opinion it never gets old getting to see this incredible species. This one spent the majority of the day sat in the field next to us bugling away, I think their call is almost as magnificent as the way they look  (listen to the call on the all about birds website here).

After a crazy day on Saturday in which we racked up our first largish Broad-winged Hawk flight (circa 5,500 birds) and saw the first numbers of immature Sharp-shinned Hawks joining the adults, the last couple of days at the watch have been a little slow. That however has given me a little more time to dig up more bird related music and go and crank up my numbers for the Big Green Big Year I am doing (list so far on a separate page here). A couple of mornings light wandering have seen me add Cedar Waxwings, Spotted Sandpiper, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and both House and Winter Wrens to the list. I imagine with gas creeping over $4 a gallon that Big Green Big Years might be becoming an increasingly popular undertaking out here in the US?

My friend thinks that I should look for work DJing bird related  music at birding festivals and birding conference parties. Having a fairly minor DJing career in the past I’m sure I could make it work “this one goes out to all the ladeez in the house…”, and I imagine there would be about as much money to be made in that as there is in hawkwatching and bird tour guiding so maybe I should look into it 😉



One response

26 04 2011

Definitely as regards the DJing. How do you get to buy us that retirement cottage otherwise?

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