Owl Woods – the name finally seems appropriate!

13 03 2011


Saw-whet – Luke Tiller

So finally after almost three weeks in Hilton, Owl Woods finally gives up the goods. Yesterday there were rumors of two Saw-whets and two Long-eareds at the woods. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of them on the way home. Not that it really mattered as I hadn’t hiked out there so it would have done nothing for my all important Bigby list.

Anyway today at the hawkwatch a couple of well known local birders showed up and said that there were Saw-whets there again today and gave me a couple of pointers on where to try. Anyway to cut a long story short ,after just a few minutes searching I had one. The bird was snoozing peacefully in a rather dark and well camouflaged spot. I decided the best thing to do was leave him to get on with it, as it was not a bird remotely conducive to photography and I didn’t ant to disturb the little guy – so above is what he might have looked like had he been in a better spot 😉

As well as the owl I managed to pick up another handful of goodies for my Bigby including a dozen or so flyover Snow Geese and Ring-necked Ducks (in good numbers on the bay). Yesterday, I added a couple of flyover Great Blue Herons and a Bald Eagle that was out on the Island Woods. Passerines are still very thin on the ground, but I imagine that they are on their way. I have set out some bird seed out just in case. Hmmm, I wonder if it is worth having a wander outside for Woodcock tonight – might be a little cold, but a the SAS motto says ‘Who Dares Wins’.

Bigby total thus far: 68 Species (Perhaps I should set up a separate page for that list)?



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