Bigby Bonanza

6 03 2011

Sundown in Hilton


I wandered out to the West Spit again today in the late afternoon after a rather heavy snowstorm had scuppered the days hawkwatching. Ducks were literally littering the bay, with numbers of both individuals and species rather impressive.

The usual hordes of Oldsquaw (LT Duck) were up to at least 400 birds and the ever present Greater Scaup flock seems to have grown to easily over a thousand. All in all 13 species of duck on the pond including a few new birds for the Bigby list: Northern Shoveler (12) and Ruddy Duck (1). There was also a couple of American Coots to boost the new Bigby species for the day to three and the years total up to 62.

No sign of the Snowy Owl or anything interesting amongst the 1000 plus gulls. Still lots of great birds and it was just enjoyable (if cold) scanning through the throngs of waterfowl, and I’m still not tired of seeing Tundra Swans on a daily basis.

The Bigby Map so far (here).



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