Things other people are doing – part 1

27 10 2010

I have been going to some awesome events at Audubon Greenwich recently of which one was the talk given by Brad Josephs about his experiences as a tour guide in Katmai National Preserve. Brad left the world of academia to share his incredible passion for bears with the world. He spends his time switching between guiding in Churchill and Katmai National Park and talking to groups about his fascination with bears and other big mammals.

Talking to him while he was staying here, his main goal is to get people to take a fresh look at how we relate to the big predators we share our continent with. His tours sound (and look) incredible (his careful approach allows for some amazing close encounters with Bears, Wolves and any other number of fantastic mammals) as you’ll see from the film. Brad claims to not be much of a photographer but his amazing collection of youtube footage (here) proves otherwise.

Brad has been leading tours with a locally based tour company in Alaska (here) for a number of years now and has worked with the best wildlife documentary photographers (BBC, National Geographic) sharing his intimate knowledge of the local bears. Hope you enjoy his amazing  film clips!