Northern Wheatear – Allen’s Meadows

23 09 2010

Northern Wheatear - Mike Warner

Just thought I’d post a record shot of the Northern Wheatear from Allen’s this morning. Great find by Mike Warner, Penny Solum and Tina Green at my old patch. Thanks to Mike for the photo. Glad someone had the sense to get a shot of it – I forgot my camera when I went down. I broke my not twitching non-lifers rule for the day but it is Allen’s Meadows after all!  It was even a rather horrifically ‘tick and run’ kind of twitch as well, as Brian O’Toole and I were in and out in less than 20 minutes before winging our way back to work. The Lark Sparrow making it a Two fer Thursday. Another incredible set of birds for Allen’s! Nice find by Matt Hoyt with the Lark creating the old picnic table effect!



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24 09 2010

That Allen’s Meadow Spot is such an amazing place! It doesn’t look like anything special when you go there but so many interesting and rare birds have showed up there. I had a distant look at a Wheatear that was at the Bradley Airport once through a scope with a shaky tripod.

24 09 2010

Hi Larry,

It helps that it gets birded a lot but it has some great habitat that’s for sure. Yes this bird wasn’t quite as accommodating as the one in Stratford last year although we did have it just about 50 yards at one point. Community Gardens – they are a birding goldmine – perhaps there is a good one up near you as well?


25 09 2010

That’s a good thought-I know there is one up in Bloomfield where Paul C. has a found some interesting birds. Maybe I can find one near Middletown/Portland-thanks for the thought.

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