The warblers are coming, the warblers are coming…

17 08 2010

American Redstart

A few days ago I spotted a Yellow Warbler at the little park along the West Side Highway around the corner from my girlfriends apartment (59 species and counting for the park). Yellow Warblers (at least of the local subspecies) are one of the earlier migrants and it was nice to see some sure signs of land bird migration. Over the weekend a stroll in Central Park didn’t offer up a wealth of migrant warblers, but a Worm-eating was a nice find amongst a handful of warbler gems.

Today the first signs of warbler movement at Audubon Greenwich in the shape of a couple of American Redstarts. They breed locally, but not on site so they had definitely just arrived with last nights little cold front (not feeling that cold today however – phew!).  Looking up flight calls online for the species I noticed that Xeno-Canto seem to have been adding nicely to their birdsong collections (check out the link here). Not the worlds greatest warbler photo but my first Connecticut fall migrant warbler for 2010 – hopefully just the first of many.

Wordless Tuesday or whatever

17 08 2010

Ruby-throat Lounging

Any excuse to stick up a new hummer shot 😉