Owl Banding and Mississippi Kites

8 11 2009

Me + rather cute owl!Thought I’d stick up a picture of the owl banding from Friday. Apparently I look like an extremely happy ten your old with a new toy in the picture (sounds about right!). Anyway it was an amazing experience and one that i’ll get round to writing about after the weekend.

Having just read it myself, I also wanted to steer my readers towards Benjamin Van Dorens post about our Mississippi Kite day (here) . Ben’s one of the regulars at the hawkwatch and is an excellent younger birder, he also writes a great blog about his birding travels (flick back through his posts to read about the day they found the first Brown-backed Solitire for North America – pending acceptance). The post about the Mississippi Kites (and mice!) sums up nicely the fun of hanging out at the hawkwatch (until you find yourself wandering around the orchard as a pair of kites fly over).