South Windsor Phalarope

6 10 2009

Red Phalarope - Bob Simon

Red Phalarope - Bob Simon

Hi All, I called Sara Zagorski after getting a message that she and Denise Jernigan were looking at a phalarope out on the river in South Windsor on Sunday post the Sunrise Birding Walk. Phalarope ID certainly isn’t easy at the best of times in fall, but at distance it can be very tough. This is a Red Phalarope and I am assuming its a juvenile bird molting into winter plumage hence the orange wash on the throat, and mainly gray upperpart feathering. It also shows a pale bill base which is a feature of Red Phalarope adults but can also be seen in younger birds. Red-necked Phalaropes molt later in the year and you’d expect to still see some/a number of dark juvenile feathers on a young Red-necked at this time of the year. There is a decent article (here), being a British article just substitute Red for Grey. Congrats to Sara and Denise for a great inland fall record and for having the gumption to flag down Bob for the record shots, which he sportingly took from his passing kayak.



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7 10 2009
Bob Simon

This particular Red Phalarope was not afraid of being surrounded by two kayakers waiving their paddles. I was able to pass this Red Phalarope several times getting within 6 feet each time. I took some video along with several other pictures. The picture above was the best of the set. This was the only Red Phalarope in sight, all alone in the water moving much like a duck. I’m not much of a bird watcher, but it was exciting watching this little guy do his dance in the water. Thank you Sara and Denise for letting me share in this special moment. Sincerely, Bob Simon, the one who took the picture.

7 10 2009

Hey Bob,

I’m just glad you were there to get the shots. I think this is the only Red Phalarope sighting for the state this year – so quite a special bird. Fortuitous that you were passing the girls with a camera and were sporting enough to go out and get the photos! Thanks for the permission to use them to. Perhaps you need to take up birdwatching on a more regular basis you certainly seem to have the knack for being in the right place at the right time 😉

All the best – Luke

8 10 2009

You absolutely sure that’s South Windsor? It looks more like Windsor to me.

15 10 2009
Dawn Fine

Excellent sighting and photo..

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