Digiscoping – it’s a mugs game

12 09 2009

There the bird is stunning as you observe it through your high end scope. Crisp and colorful and a real delight to the eye. Then a thought springs to mind – ‘hello, this would make a great picture’. Mistake number one for the day. Some 20 minutes of frustration later and a slew of pictures of nothing, a blur in flight, a smudgy mess that you would be hard pressed to identify as a bird even and then one or two pictures that look remotely decent ‘in camera’. You set off home to load them onto the computer only to realize that what looks good at about 1/2cm in size looks absolutely crummy blown up to any degree. Digiscoping, it stinks! Saying that – here are my digiscoped pics of the Northern Wheater from Stratford. There are some nice shots out there on the net – go find them 😉



2 responses

12 09 2009

Huh! I didn’t realize the bird was so ruddy. I thought it was grayer or whiter or something. The pics are not terrible, bit fuzzy is all. And anyway way better than mine would be.

12 09 2009

Depends how lousy your camera is 😉

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