Sherwood Island State Park – Photography Exhibition and Talk

29 07 2009
Wall OF Prints - Sherwood Island Nature Center

Wall OF Prints - Sherwood Island Nature Center

Many of you who live locally (or came on my last walk) will know that the new Nature Center at Sherwood Island State Park is now open. If you didn’t, and or haven’t been yet, it is well worth a perusal if only to get to see some of the stunning photos donated by local photographer (and amigo of yours truly) AJ Hand. There is more about the Nature Center here and the kind of exhibits and activities that they have there (last Saturday they were about to dissect a shark on our arrival – having just eaten I declined the opportunity to view the spectacle). AJ will be giving a presentation at 6:30pm on August 6th on the basics of bird photography at the center which is bound to be a popular event amongst local birders. I hope to see you there!

I have a couple of AJ’s pictures on my blog. If you click the AJ Hand categories tag below you can see a few of his great pictures on my posts. Also check the link to his photos from Sherwood in the links section.



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31 07 2009
Tina Green

Luke,thanks for posting this to your blog and helping to get the word out about AJ’s presentation,the newly opened Nature Center,and Sherwood Island in general.As a frequent visitor,birder,and board member of the Friends of Sherwood Island,I would encourage all your readers who have not visited to do so and enjoy one of Fairfield Counties most under utilized state parks.It is a wonderful facility any time of year and many special birds have been seen there.
You’ll find the bird checklst in the Birds of the Park section of website.Hope to see you there!

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