Yard Moth – ID suggestions?

20 07 2009
Unidentified Moth - Luke Tiller

Unidentified Moth - Luke Tiller

Wondering if anyone can help me with this moth ID. Seems like someone who knows about moths might know as it seems fairly distinctive.Some kind of Sphinx Moth possibly?

EDIT: Seems like this is a Blinded Sphinx or Blinded Hawk Moth (as some places seem to refer to it). More on the species here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/4481 Certainly a cool looking moth – specially if you get some good pictures of it like Chris did (see comments). There’s an explanation as to the naming of the moth in the link which works better when you can see the spread wings.



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20 07 2009

Hi Luke,

Looks like a Blinded Hawk Moth – Paonias excaecatus. Don’t know if you got a chance to try and spread the wings a little bit, but if you had, you would’ve seen some really nice color hidden there.
I got a photo of one a few weeks ago that I posted at: http://www.pbase.com/bluegoose/image/114690118



20 07 2009

Hi Chris,

Thanks. Great pictures btw.


20 07 2009
Dawn Fine

Oh..yes i looked at the link..it looks like that blinded sphinx..has that ragged edge..etc
very cool moth..I have never seen one before..

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