Diggin’ my Yard

1 07 2009

Eastern Box Turtle - Luke Tiller

Eastern Box Turtle - Luke Tiller

There are always a multitude of animals messing with my yard. Anyway this morning I was kind of excited to find a somewhat unexpected guest digging what I assume was a nest in amongst my Salvia. Much more fun to find this little creature messing around in the perennials than a White-tailed Deer or Groundhog. I am not very knowledgeable  with most things herp but this was as I guessed an Eastern Box Turtle. There is a great site that the National Wildlife Federation run called eNature that has great online fieldguides to help ID those other critters that you aren’t an expert on which I use a fair bit. You can check out the website and the details for box turtle here. Best of all I read that they love slugs; so have at it young lady!

edit: Bummer – as with most all nature in CT it seems Box turtles are on the decline in the state and are a species of special concern. You can check out the DEP fact sheet here.



2 responses

1 07 2009
Dawn Fine

We need to get one of those over to my parents garden..Slug city!

3 07 2009
Patricia Johnson

Wow, what a find.
You can do a world of good for turtles by protecting their nests from predators. It is fairly easy to do. Just google protecting turtle nests, and you will read about some of the techniques.
Good luck. I hope you have many years of discovering these wonderful creatures in your yard.

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