Off to Montana

21 05 2009

Worm-eating Warbler - Luke Tiller

Worm-eating Warbler - Luke Tiller

Just getting myself all packed up and ready to go on the Sunrise Birding Trip to Montana and Wyoming. Should be a fun trip. I’ll have my laptop with me and hopefully some internet service so maybe some updates from the road will be in order? Yogi Bear here we come! For now it was nice to see that my Worm-eating’s are back in the yard again (see above photo).

Also for my own notes, and maybe of interest to others, I was out in my yard today at about midday and discovered the reason that migrant activity seems to drop off in the middle of the day. I was just doing some weeding, when I peered up into a little tangle and spotted an American Redstart laying out on a branch having a nice little afternoon kip. I guess flying all night have tuckered the guy out. I’d always guessed that these night migrants must rest up at some point during the day but this is the first time I’d caught one dozing. He was there a good ten or fifteen minutes before I popped inside to get something from the house and I came back to find he had moved on. Kinda cool!



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