Garden Warbler Pics

6 05 2009

OK I know they aren’t up to the high standards of my photography mentor, but I was kind of pleased to get a few ‘usable’ snaps from a little foray into my yard this morning. They aren’t going to win any photography prizes but at least they document some of the lovely warblers that were loitering in the yard this morning. Although fall is my favorite season due to the interesting birds that tend to show up, it’s hard to beat a warbler infested yard in full song!



2 responses

6 05 2009
Dawn Fine

Nice pics! I am finding it difficult to capture most warblers..either too high up…so i only get their underneath areas…or they are flitting around too much…
So great job!

6 05 2009

Thanks Dawn,

They certainly aren’t easy. I gave up on some BT Greens and stuff – they just like the treetops way too much.


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