Birding – a hobby fraught with danger!

13 03 2009

My friend Charlie Barnard sent me this crazy set of pictures from a photographers ‘experience’ at Barnegat Lighthouse SP. Good to see the guy seemed to take it all in good humor and it even prompted a little artistic outpouring. Note how important having a cell phone can be whilst out birding – I hope everything heals quickly (more here).



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13 03 2009

I should mention that I found that on New Jersey Birding. The fellow who fell on the jetty posted about it and put in a link to his near fatal fall.

Personally, after an ordeal like that, I doubt that I would have gone home and written a poem about the experience. That fellow is pretty amazing.

13 03 2009
Dawn Fine something going on with that link..wont load up for me…page error..

14 03 2009

Hi Charlie,

It’s amazing that the guy seems to have taken it with such good humor and seems like he dealt with a pretty terrifying situation calmly & bravely. I have a good number of friends with birding horror stories – luckily I don’t have one yet!


14 03 2009

Should be working OK now Dawn – not sure why it wasn’t working earlier?

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